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SCEL at TEDxGlasgow

As an organisational psychologist and coach, enabling leaders to drive change has been my job for the past 25 years. But it’s only recently that I’ve started working in education, so I was excited to be invited by SCEL to join school leaders at TEDx Glasgow’s ‘A Disruptive World’ conference. Here’s a strengths-focused psychological journey through the amazing talks that we experienced on the day:


Jason Leitch: “What matters to me” – a new vital sign

Jason’s NHS initiative gets to the heart of health care by empowering patients to express what they value most in their lives. For teachers who spend their working lives caring for others, his talk struck me as a call to action for teachers to stop and ask themselves ‘what matters to me?’ Beneath the shared vision and values of schools, teachers’ distinctive strengths are powerful drivers of change.


Ellis Watson: Disrupt yourself or Die Trying

Feisty and fast-paced Ellis challenges all of us, no matter our age, experience or status, to keep pushing our boundaries.


Marco Plas: The Wonder Weeks

Marco Plas tells us that from the day we are born, we’re wired for change…


Dr. Mark Payton: Successful startups; what’s luck got to do with it?

But change takes time – and Mark Payton provided us with some tips on “patient capital” that you can apply to achieve your school’s vision.


Steve McCreadie: Creating Intrapreneurship in Mission Driven Organisations

 Building an intrapreneurial ecosystem is key to progress and Steve argues that innovation is actually less risky than the status quo.


James Lyne: Hacking with Words and Smiles

Of course we need to fix what’s wrong, but it isn’t enough to enable innovation and growth. We also need to grow what’s strong!


Anne Ellis: Rising from the Ruins

 We’re all aware of the devastating impact of Post-traumatic stress disorder but how many have heard of Post-traumatic growth? Psychological research is increasingly documenting human strength in response to adversity and Anne shares her optimism for the rebirth of the Glasgow School of Art after its 2014 fire.


Ruairidh Wynne-McHardy: What makes lawyers click & Luke Robertson: The Other Side of Fear

Then, we heard two unusual takes on developing a growth mindset.

Pam Hogg: Divine Disorder

In her talk, iconic fashion designer Pam Hogg gave an insight into her world – how struggle is transformed into creative force, imperfections are honoured, chaos is embraced, and the insurmountable is seen as just another barrier to be lifted. It proved to be a wonderful lesson in how to transform struggle into a creative force.


Dr. Craig Robertson: 350 Million Reasons to Disrupt the Medical Device Industry

Innovation doesn’t have to be expensive.


Graham Hogg: Scotland 2066 & Mark Muller Stuart QC: The Power of Small Nation Diplomacy

These speakers provided unique perspectives on the impact we can have on our communities.


Laura Beveridge: Kids in Care – Let’s start a revolution

Standing ovations and the highlight of the conference for many, we come full circle with Laura getting to the heart of what matters most in schools. This talk provided an insight into what life feels like in care and the real people behind those grim statistics. It invited us to be part of the movement that seeks to change care forever and left me knowing that there are things we can all do to make the world a better place for those kids who are in care.


You can find out more about Katie’s work here.

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