SCEL has a responsibility to bring coherence and structure to the wide and increasingly expansive leadership professional learning landscape by quality assuring, supporting and brokering provider-delivered professional learning through an endorsement process linked to the Framework for Educational Leadership. The Framework is structured around professional learning at teacher, middle, school and system leadership levels.


Our rigorous endorsement process is designed to deliver this coherence and structure, and incorporates the Framework for Educational Leadership, the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) Standards and other national areas of focus including the Model of Professional Learning, the National Implementation Framework, the Scottish Attainment Challenge and ‘Improving Schools in Scotland’ report (OECD, 2015).

Why seek SCEL endorsement of your programmes?

A programme that has been endorsed by SCEL has demonstrated that it is informed by the Model of Professional Learning and links effectively to relevant GTCS Professional Standards. This gives those who commission programmes comfort that they are purchasing and engaging with high-quality experiences for participants which have a long-term positive impact on leadership development. Endorsed programmes are featured on the Framework for Educational Leadership – an online resource supporting career-long professional learning in leadership for educational professionals at all stages of their career. It is one of SCEL’s key objectives to have all schools and local authorities in Scotland referring to the Framework when planning and preparing their leadership development opportunities.

Endorsed programmes are accessed by a wide range of educational professionals and organisations who are utilising the Framework for Educational Leadership as the key resource to plan their professional learning journey.

How to apply for SCEL endorsement

In the first stage of the application process, providers should complete the application form for their programme. Applications which meet the standards set out in the endorsement guide will be invited to present information on their programme at an endorsement panel.  Endorsement panels are held once a month at the SCEL office.

Appendix 1 – A guide to applying for SCEL endorsement

Download endorsement application form