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This website will be closed on 21 October 2019. Please visit for all information on the professional learning and leadership programmes, events and resources offered by Education Scotland.

Sharing findings across Scotland

In Scotland, we want our schools, and our education system more widely, to be research rich. Practitioner engagement in and with research contributes to successful school and system engagement in many ways.

As SCEL develops, we will work with partners, including Education Scotland and GTC Scotland to bring coherence to this engagement to encourage teachers to use and take part in research as part of their professional learning in leadership, build a strong evidence base to inform policy and share research findings with teachers and with the wider community in Scotland.

EBSCO – Online access to educational journals

The GTCS has provided free access to a range of online education and leadership journals via EBSCO for all registered teachers in Scotland for the past year. SCEL has now partnered with the GTCS to support continued access to these resources.

The EBSCO Education Source package and the Leadership & Management Learning Centre provides access to a collection of over 1,800 education journals, a selection of eBooks, and additional resources all of which can be accessed using your GTCS account.

We’ve already identified a number of resources from EBSCO Education Source within the Professional Learning activities on our Framework for Educational Leadership and access to the full range of publications and resources will help you to shape your own professional learning and development in leadership.

GTC Scotland Education Hub Project

GTC Scotland launched a new initiative supporting and promoting practitioner research in January 2015. Education HUB is an interactive online platform that provides an opportunity for education practitioners to share, discuss and review unpublished practitioner produced research and enquiry. It aims to be inclusive and make practitioner research more accessible. You can find more information on the GTCS About research page.

The development of leadership capacities across the career trajectory

We commissioned Dr Joan Mowat (University of Strathclyde) to write six ‘thought pieces’ on the development of leadership capacities. The texts include Developing Leadership for Tomorrow’s Education, The Changing Paradigms of Leadership and the Next Steps for Leadership Development in Scotland.

A focus upon leadership | The Scottish context [Part 1] | The Scottish context [Part 2] | The Scottish context [Part 3] | A focus on policy | A focus upon teacher professional development [Part 1] | A focus upon teacher professional development [Part 2] | An international perspective 

European Policy Network of School Leadership (EPNoSL)

SCEL are delighted to be an associate member of EPNoSL which aims at improving policy and practice on school leadership in Europe through a collaborative network in which members co-construct, manage and share knowledge intended to inform policy in the area of school leadership. EPNoSL have developed a set of tools for school leaders, system leaders and policy makers aimed at improving school leadership.  These can be found in the EPNoSL School Leadership Toolkit.

Early Headship: negotiating the emotional landscape

Jackie Purdie, SCEL Fellow, focused her enquiry on the challenges facing a headteacher in the first two years in post. The article is a powerful and well written reflection of her own experience during that period of headship.

Early Headship: negotiating the emotional landscape

Other resources: