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This website will be closed on 21 October 2019. Please visit for all information on the professional learning and leadership programmes, events and resources offered by Education Scotland.

About School Leadership

As lead learners, school leaders ensure that a strong and consistent focus is placed on learning and teaching in their schools.  They have, and outline, clear and high expectations regarding the standard of learning and teaching which they expect to see throughout their school and drive improvements in attainment and achievement.  They are adept in motivating teachers to meet these standards and work closely with middle leaders to provide effective on-going support and challenge for teachers to ensure excellence in learning and teaching.

School leaders drive and promote a culture of self-evaluation, using evidence-based practice to bring about improvement.  It’s important that, working with senior colleagues, school leaders have effective systems in place to evaluate the impact of learning and teaching on learner progress and engage in constructive dialogue with teachers to inform on-going school improvement.  School leaders ensure that curricula best meet the needs of all children and young people, offering opportunities for the development of skills for learning, work and life and using a range of inspiring pedagogy and well-judged innovation.

The Into Headship qualification has been designed to support effective school leadership and is part of a Masters pathway alongside Post Graduate Certificate in Middle Leadership and In Headship, which is available when individuals take up the post of headteacher.

We’ve developed outline information on effective school leadership, provided a range of professional learning activities and researched a number of publications and support materials to support development and professional learning of effective school leaders.  All of these are available to explore on our Framework for Educational Leadership.

We’re working with a range of partners to develop a programme of events and activity for school leaders and we’ll provide information on all of these developments here and through Twitter.  Follow us at @teamscel to keep connected with these developments as they happen.

Towards Headship

The Towards Headship programme is a programme for those who have successfully completed SQH / FRH and are likely to take up a headteacher post as their next career step.

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The Into Headship Qualification

The Into Headship qualification focuses on the specificity of headship and the strategic leadership role of the headteacher, and is designed as a 60 credit postgraduate certificate qualification at SCQF level 11 which, longer term, will form part of a Masters leadership pathway.

On successful completion participants are also awarded the Standard for Headship.

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In Headship

In Headship is a postgraduate programme for new headteachers which supports them to develop and continue to build the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding required of headteachers.

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Excellence in Headship

Excellence in Headship enables school leaders to build capacity in critical self-awareness, leadership of learning, leading system change, values based leadership, working with people and partners and organisational effectiveness.

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