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The SCEL Teacher Leadership Programme is designed to support classroom teachers to develop their leadership of learning and teaching.

The programme is planned to support and challenge teachers to become confident in leading classroom practice in their contexts and develop against the GTCS Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning. Our Teacher Leadership Programme also provides opportunities for teachers with significant prior learning leadership experience to support participants as critical friends or programme tutors.

The programme’s design principles are based on our teacher leadership engagement process and prototype programme, as well as the model of professional learning. As SCEL is currently funded to develop a suite of programmes, participation in the programme is free of charge, however there is no funding for cover. A small fund for travel expenses is available only for participants from Eilean Siar, Shetland and Orkney to apply for to attend the regional induction day and sharing summit. The programme is primarily facilitated online, however participants are required to attend a minimum of two events in person.

Watch the following video of one our previous participants talking about their learning from the programme.

You can watch more of these videos here and view the enquiring posters from previous programme posters here.

Who is the programme for?

The SCEL Teacher Leadership Programme is open to all post-probation classroom teachers in Scotland. It is primarily aimed at teachers who are seeking professional learning opportunities to develop their leadership of learning and teaching in their context and who are willing to commit to all aspects of the programme throughout the session.

How is the programme delivered?

The programme is primarily delivered online through Glow. Over the course of the programme, participants are supported to engage with literature as well as regularly reflect and enquire into their own practice. Throughout the programme participants are supported and challenged by a group of their peers as well as a critical friend and a programme tutor.

The programme also consists of two days which allow participants to learn and share in person. The first is a regional induction event in August/September and there will also be a national sharing the learning summit for the programme in June.

What does the programme involve?

A central feature of the SCEL Teacher Leadership Programme is enquiring into an aspect of the participants’ classroom practice. Teachers are supported to take an enquiring approach to developing an aspect of learning and teaching of their choosing as appropriate for the learners in their context.

The programme is structured to support participants to confidently take an enquiring approach through first exploring teacher leadership, reflecting on current practice and considering the nature and purpose of enquiry. Participating teachers then plan and implement an enquiring approach to developing their classroom practice in their context. The programme also supports teachers to reflect on the learning arising in terms of their own leadership as well as for their learners.

The national sharing the learning summit is an opportunity for the participants to share their learning and learn from the enquiring approaches taken by other programme participants.

Teacher Leadership Programme – FAQ 

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