Supporting Teacher Leadership is a programme which is aimed at teachers and others in the system who have significant experience of leading learning and teaching through practitioner enquiry in their contexts and would like to develop their confidence to support others to take an enquiring approach to practice.

The programme is developmental in nature and will support participants to progress from their current experience of supporting colleagues. The programme will support participants to develop against the following GTCS Standards:

Standards for Career-Long Professional Learning

Enquiry and Research: lead and participate in collaborative practitioner enquiry.

Sustaining and Developing Professional Learning: lead and contribute to the professional learning of all colleagues, including students and probationers.

Standards for Leadership and Management

3.3 Lead and work collaboratively to enhance teaching which leads to high quality learning experiences.

A second national cohort of the programme is currently undertaking the programme over the 2018/19 session. The programme consists of the following phases:

  1. Programme pre-reading: participants engage with the texts provided and reflect on how the ideas explored relate to their own experiences of undertaking practitioner enquiry.
  2. Exploring, reflecting and planning: participants reflect on teacher leadership and their experiences of enquiry, leading to collaboratively planning approaches to supporting others to develop as enquiring practitioners.
  3. Leading in context: Participants liaise with school and system leaders in their context to identify teachers who would welcome support to develop their understanding of practitioner enquiry and then provide this support using the outcomes from the first phase of the programme. Depending on prior experience, participants may aim to provide this support to colleagues in their school, or to teachers and school leaders in other schools in their local authority, or wider regional collaborative. Participants collaborate with each other online throughout this phase.
  4. Reflecting and sharing: participants reflect upon and share their progress and learning thus far and plan next steps.
  5. Becoming a facilitator: participants reflect on the programme approach and explore how they could take on a facilitator role for future programme cohorts.

Recruitment to Supporting Teacher Leadership is promoted through local authorities and schools in Scotland.