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Partnering across the education system

Our Stakeholder Forum is a strategic Forum to enable key groups and organisations within education in Scotland to engage with SCEL to provide guidance, support and information to SCEL to aid the delivery of SCEL’s strategic plan and overall outcomes as well as to help SCEL develop and grow as a successful organisation.

The purpose of the Stakeholder Forum is to:

• Provide feedback and comment on SCEL’s core areas including our strategic plan
• Support SCEL to develop as an organisation
• Provide guidance and support on engaging effectively across education and with our stakeholder organisations.

The Stakeholder Forum meets four times per year and includes the members below.

Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES)

ADES is an independent professional network for leaders and managers in education and children’s services. It informs and influences education policy in Scotland, working in partnership with local and national government and other agencies. ADES also offer a range of professional development activities and opportunities for members.

John Stodter

Association of Headteachers and Deputes in Scotland (AHDS)

AHDS is a trade union for headteachers, depute headteachers and principal teachers from nursery, primary and ASN schools in Scotland. AHDS work in partnership with the Scottish Government, local authorities and other agencies in Scotland to represent the interests of their membership in the development of educational policy and practice. They organise a programme of training and events targeted specifically at school leaders.

Ann McIntosh


Connect, formerly Scottish Parent Teacher Council, is a membership organisation and charity dedicated to making parental engagement in Scottish education as good as it can be, for the benefit of children. Connect provides information, training and advice for parents and professional learning for educators to support family involvement in children’s education.

Eileen Prior

Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS)

The EIS is the largest teaching union in Scotland. Founded in 1847, it is the oldest teaching union in the world. The EIS has a commitment to high standards in education and to a society which offers young people the best opportunities in education, training as well as social and cultural development. The EIS has developed policies on a range of educational and professional issues which impact on teachers in nursery, primary, secondary and special schools. The organisation campaigns for quality continuing professional development for all teachers and, in partnership with a number of university providers, has responsibility for delivering a growing number of professional learning opportunities.

Susan Quinn

General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS)

The GTCS is the independent professional body which promotes and regulates the teaching profession in Scotland. Amongst other functions, it is responsible for establishing and reviewing the standards of education and training appropriate to school teachers in Scotland. The GTCS Professional Standards include Standards for Registration, the Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning and the Standards for Leadership and Management.

Jaqueline Morley

National Association of Schoolmasters and Union of Woman Teachers (NASUWT)

The NASUWT represents the interests of teachers in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. NASUWT organises in all sectors from early years to further education and represents teachers in all roles including heads and deputes.

Jane Peckham

National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS)

The National Parent Forum of Scotland was established to give Parent Councils and parents an opportunity to discuss and raise educational issues of mutual interest or concerns at a national level. The Forum works in partnership with national and local government and other organisations involved in education and well-being issues to represent parents in pursuit of their aim to help every pupil maximise his/her potential.

Gillian Myers

Scottish Catholic Education Service (SCES)

SCES was established as an agency of the Bishop’s Conference in Scotland to implement their strategic plans for Catholic Education. SCES works with a range of individual colleagues, partner associations and Church agencies to promote and support Catholic education in Scotland. This involves discussion and consultation with officials from local councils, the Scottish Government, educational organisations and other groups. SCES develops resources and support materials for schools and parishes.

Michael McGrath

Scottish Council of Independent Schools (SCIS)

SCIS is an educational charity representing over 70 member schools, which educate more than 31,000 children of mixed abilities and diverse backgrounds. SCIS aims to promote choice, diversity and excellence in Scottish education. It advances education in its member schools via curriculum development and offering professional learning opportunities to teachers. SCIS communicates and negotiates with the Scottish Parliament, the Government, public and private bodies on behalf of the independent sector.

Margaret Lannan

School Leaders Scotland (SLS)

SLS is an association of senior leaders in Scottish secondary schools. SLS works in partnership with the Scottish Government, local authorities and other agencies in Scotland to represent the interests of their membership in the development of educational policy and practice. They organise a programme of professional learning opportunities and events targeted specifically at school leaders.

Jim Thewliss

Scottish Government

The devolved government for Scotland is responsible for most of the issues of day-to-day concern to the people of Scotland, including education, health, justice, rural affairs and transport.

The SCEL programme of work in Education Scotland is funded by the Scottish Government. This funding supports leadership professional learning programmes, resources and networks for all educators in Scotland.

David Roy

Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association (SSTA)

Founded in 1944, the SSTA is a specialist union for secondary teachers. The SSTA aims to advance education in Scotland and to safeguard and promote the interests of Scottish secondary teachers in all matters, especially those which affect salaries and conditions of service.

Martin Anderson

Scottish Council of Deans of Education (SCDE)

The Scottish Council of Deans of Education is the body which represents Schools of Education in the universities in Scotland who contribute to initial teacher education accredited by the General Teaching Council of Scotland. The Council contributes to teaching and research in educational leadership and offers career-long professional learning for teachers and other education professionals. The Council also engages in education and related research. It aims to represent these varied areas of interest and to inform education policy and practice. Schools of Education form part of Higher Education Institutions and receive their funding through a variety of sources ranging from government, industry, research councils, voluntary and non-governmental organisations, as well as from bequests and alumni. Collectively their portfolio offers programmes covering undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications up to doctoral level and a range of continuous professional learning courses and knowledge exchange opportunities.

Teresa Moran


Voice is a union for education, early years and childcare professionals. Voice negotiates with government departments, local authorities and private employers to seek recognition for education and childcare professionals.

Jennifer Barnes